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Helping Youth Find the Right Path

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If you are between the ages of 13 and 19 and find yourself struggling to thrive, our programs can help you. Through our organization's programs, we allow you to learn leadership skills, build confidence, and gain problem-solving abilities. 4Bidden Inc. also gives you the opportunity to lay a foundation for success at home, at school, at work, and in the community. Our approaches can be aggressive and sometimes unorthodox, but they are always effective.

Mentoring Programs

Having a mentor greatly increases a young person's potential for success. In fact, youth who have mentors experience improved self-esteem, greater academic achievement, increased motivation in school, and a higher quality of life. The ultimate goal of our mentor program is to provide the support, tools, and environment needed for at-risk youth to cope effectively and enhance their lives.


Of course, every individual is unique. That's why our mentors and staff use a personalized, strength-based approach to help youth in our area reach their social, vocational, and personal goals. 4Bidden Inc. has a national network of affiliates that provide the regional, state, and local infrastructure needed to support the expansion of quality mentoring relationships.

Together, we engage with the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to offer mentoring as long as necessary or desired. The youth first meets with a trained, caring mentor who provides help on a consistent, long-term basis. The mentor then becomes an advocate for the child and helps him/her establish and reach personal goals in:

  • Improving School Performance
  • Developing Independent Life Skills
  • Enhancing Socializations Skills
  • Taking Responsibility for Their Actions
  • Building Self-Esteem